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Storm the Bastille!

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Alyssa and I ventured out on sunday to Smith St. in Brooklyn for Bastille Day. I guess you could say we feel a kind of kinship to that neighborhood as it was where we lived when we first moved to the city. Our sublet on Butler only lasted but a “oui” 2 months, but that neigborhood definitely left an impression. If you are unfamiliar with the area and are from NYC, its a great place for sunday brunch and an afternoon stroll. Decent nightlife too, I recommend Boat (look for the non-descript red facade with no signage), or Abilene (which is actually on Court St and 3rd Pl).

Even though this was a celebration of France’s storming of The Bastille, like most gatherings of this sort in NYC, many cultures were represented. This was glaringly obvious as soon as we were walking up the subway steps we were met with a blast of salsa music. Much of the cordoned off street was reserved for petanque, a game similar to what we americans call bocce ball (again similar, but not the same). For me though the main attraction was the skateboarding contest put on by Homage Skateshop. Rippers from all over the city competed in a high ollie, best trick-ledge and best trick-bank contests. The best trick comps were jam style, which is cool because it makes it feel less formal and more free-flowing, but also more chaotic as there are boards and bodies flying everywhere. It keeps skaters and spectators on their toes. Delaware native and 5boro ripper Willy Akers was pulling sick frontside and backside flips on the bank, which earned him 2nd place. Luis Perez pulled in 1st Place in both the ledge and bank! Luis broke out a blunt slide on the ledge to take it home.

During this shoot I was getting frustrated because I didn’t think I was getting any quality shots, but all in all I am pretty happy with what I came away with. I definitely want to continue shooting more skateboarding as it was one of the reasons I became interested in photography. In my skateboarding days I loved checking out all the great skaters in the magazines, but just as much I was amazed at all the great photographers as well (probably because I sucked so bad!). Almost all the major skate mags have at least one issue dedicated entirely to photography. I encourage you to check them out (Thrasher, Slap, Transworld).

One thing I miss about skateboarding is the comraderie. Even though they were competing with one another, everyone was stoked to see another throw down some sick shit. When I skated with my friends it was never a competition to me. Seeing my friends pull off something that I couldn’t made me psyched for them and made me psyched for myself ’cause it looked like so much fun to learn something new!





Willy Akers on the bank

Willy Akers on the bank


Tony Soto



Luis Perez shows Brooklyn a stylish bluntslide


highline afternoon

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One of the reasons I started this blog was to help stoke my creative fire a little bit. This is a great city for photography. Earlier this week I ventured out to check in on a new addition to the Big Apple, the new Highline Park. I have to say I was impressed. Most captivating to me were the views from the park, then the park itself. It was built upon abandoned elevated rail tracks located on the west side of Manhattan, here is some of what I saw…

DSC_1111highline_2highline_4highline_3highline_5highline_7highline_8highline_6DSC_1141(click ’em to make ’em bigger)

my hoosier week

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jasonWent back to Indiana for a brief sabbatical.  Had a much better time than my previous trip where I had to endure an ice storm, delayed flights, lost luggage, being vehicle-less, and so-on.  Indiana is not a great place to be without wheels so I rented a car this time.

While there I shot at Heather’s (my niece-god I am so old) graduation open house, at my sisters “hillbilly heaven” farmhouse, and out and about Fort Wayne and Noble County.  All the shots here are digital.  Some were a little dark as I was shooting in low light without a flash.  I am definitely gonna invest in one in the near future, and am looking forward to my Studio Lighting class coming up next semester.  Being able to work with a flash is essential and I need to push myself to start experimenting and learning it on my own.  Also so when classes start I can be a little ahead of the curve.

Some of these pics were much darker-did some editing using Adobe LightRoom on my hand-me-down Mac (thank you Heather!).  Still can’t get the damn Photoshop to work though.  I need to get Adobe on the phone stat!  Lightroom is great, but Photoshop, I feel will give me more options with my work.  Luckily, I can always use the Mac lab at school, its just a matter of getting off my lazy ass and getting there (and hoping there isn’t a class scheduled there).

The grouping of these specific photos does seem a little disjointed to me, but I just kinda wanted to get the ball rolling with this thing.  In no way do I consider this blog to be an official portfolio.  I do prefer this venue to exhibit my work over the social networking sites like facebook or myspace though, and because here anyone can see them, with or without logging in, and I am in a little bit more control over the content.

I also shot some with my new-to-me Diana camera.  Haven’t processed them yet, but am very curious as to how they will turn out.  Check out the link above to see some examples of photos taken with  Dianas.

More photos from my trip to the Hoosier state will be coming soon…


blog(is the new blog)

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Like many online endeavors, I have always thought of blogs as self-indulgent. I throw all the social networking sites-facebook, myspace, twitter etc., etc., under the same umbrella.  Before I start sounding high and mighty, I use them too (except for twitter, its so cute though).  I use them under the guise of keeping in touch with distant friends and relatives and keeping abreast of my favorite music and artists.  You may use them in the same way, but let’s be honest…we like to talk about ourselves.  We like to throw out little tidbits about ourselves and see who bites.  We also get to indulge our voyeuristic tendencies as well.  Hours can be lost pouring through these vast networks, combing for long-lost friends.   By belonging to these communal networks, we are to one degree or another, revealing the exhibitionist within. Is this good or bad? I don’t know.  How I feel about it changes with the weather.  If you use these sites, and I am sure most of you do, please don’t be offended.  As I said before, I use them too.  I like seeing what others are up to, pics of their vacation, gripes about whatever and what-have-you.  You get the gist.  All of these sites have great qualities, but also things that I am sure annoy all of us.

I resisted blogging for awhile, because of this.  I consider myself on the shy-side.   But things change.   I figured since I am gonna have quite a bit of free time this summer, why not?  What I hope to do with my little piece of cyber real-estate is share some of my thoughts with whomever might be interested and also exhibit some of my photography.  Last semester in my Intermediate Photo class at Laguardia, I was required to keep a journal.  It served to keep a log of the my thoughts, ideas, photo specs and anything else that crept into my mind before, during  and after shooting.  I hope to make this, in a way, an extension of that.